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samuhik Vivah

Yes we are here to get done samuhik vivah which can also be termed as mass marriage i.e. marriage of several couples are taking place on same day, same time, same place and under one roof .In India, marriage of girl/daughter is burden for the parents of low community as dowry under the table is big issue for them. In that case it’s difficult to marry a daughter with providing all the facilities.
In many conditions like where there are girls and boys who are either from poor families circumstance SWCH is always standing by them. We have helped such boys and girls to complete their education to the extinct they want, get a good job and feel stable in their life. SWCH arranges mass marriages for these girls and boys with their own choices. We also help those girls and boys to get married who have a poor financial status due to which they are not able to get suitable life partner. We arrange samuhik vivah ceremonies which include decoration for ceremony, all stuff (Pooja samagri) needed for it, clothing for bride and groom, preparing mandaps and feel them to get married with full respect and honor. This not only helps in stopping wasting of money on rituals but also helps the families in case of any complaints for the arrangements for the functions.

Supporting good cause

SWCH is for no doubt is supporting the noble cause of equity in education, women empowerment and Samuhik vivah. For the years we have been working for providing the quality education to the underprivileged children and helping them to know about their basic rights. We are not only making children literate but also teaching them other needed activities of day today life like personal hygiene, providing healthcare facilities and indulging them in sports and most important is to make them better citizen.

Most trusted organization

SWCH is one of the trusted organizations in the fields of Women empowerment, children education, awareness among the people and providing shelter to poor. Our entire team of SWCH is working hard to sustain the same position for many more years and join hands with many more volunteers and donors. It feels really good to see that we have been achieving our goals since the day of our foundation and made our trust among the people of nation through our WORK DONE.

Worldwide branches

We are expanding our branches across the world with the help of our supporting team to reach all the areas which need us the most. SWCH is exploring the available opportunities to connect to our movement and promote positive change right to the last mile.

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